Q-Alum-Turned-Business Banker

Karl Riley is a Business Banker with Charter One Bank in Chicago, IL., where he finances companies with sales $1M- 5M. Additionally, he coaches children in swimming while training for Spartan Races.

He credits The Q for providing him with his first job and college scholarship.

“It is because of your programs I was able to enjoy the success I have now. Thank you for always being a positive force in the community.




Brittany Brown grew up in the Dunbar community. Her dad was in prison and her mom worked at the hospital, worrying about the negative influences surrounding her children. Brittany and her sister participated in Quality Life Center programs from age 10 all the way through high school.

She is now an Education major at FGCU, studying Child Development. Her sister became the first college graduate in the family.

While Brittany finishes her degree, she works as an instructor at Quality Life Center. Unlike many of the youth they grew up with, both sisters are thriving.  Brittany is energetic, engaging and compassionate. “I don’t know what each child’s story is, but I grew up here,” she said. “I know how it can be. It is my goal to give my students the best experience they can have.”



Q-Alum-Turned-I.T. Specialist

When Daniel was 13, he got in trouble at school. His mother sent him to Quality Life Center to volunteer.  He worked, and ended up participating in afterschool activities. His circle of friends changed until he only associated with Q youth.

When Daniel started college, he was hired to work at Quality Life Center’s summer camp. “QLC staff has been a great influence in my life, giving me advice and helping me avoid making bad decisions. I have no doubt I would be in so much trouble without Quality Life Center,” Daniel said, noting how many kids he grew up with who are now in the criminal justice system.